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Ying Ying Lu

” I can not imagine a world without art , Art is the original universal language through which we all relate to one-another. . ”  ~ Ying Ying Lu.


Ying Ying Lu with her mom

Her mother is a trained  and  successful Chinese painter  and  her paintings  have  found  popularity  in  other  countries  such  as  Japan. It  was Ying Ying Lu’s mother who  wanted her  to be exposed  to  the  rich European art  influences  of  the  past  and  present  so she  enrolled  her  in  western  fine  arts  schools  with  a  keen  personal  interest  in  her  development.


Ying Ying Lu’s mom

       Ying Ying Lu says: ”My Mother has always inspired me by working relentlessly, painting & writing daily. Even at 70 years young, Mama still loves what she does, and never slows down. My dream is to live as she has, for her blood flows through my veins and sustains my heart and my mind.”


Ying  Ying Lu  working  on  her oil painting .

Ying Ying Lu sharing her inspiration as she touches up one of her heart-warming oil paintings.


        This piece was creative was requested & ordered by a high ranking Chinese government official when he visited an old man who lost his sight during war while he was a young soldier. The detailed painting is truly remarkable, and Ying Ying Lu was highly commended for her outstanding creations.

Weding Ring – Oil Paints on Canvas

This piece was ordered by a beautiful woman before her wedding – to present to her future husband.

For more information on ordering any of these treasured portraits, please visit Ying’ website at:  www.ourbeautifularts.com/order-arts/


The Eastern Girl


This piece was requested & ordered by a man who, after 30 years of his life, still remembered and yearned for his long lost first love. Her family had moved when they were young teenagers, and after years of searching for her, he finally came to the painful realization that he may never see her again . So then he turned to Ying Ying Lu and asked her to recreate their inspirational magic. Only an artist is capable of creating an eternal creation such as this unique collection.

To view all of Ying Ying Lu’s creative artworks collection, please visit: www.ourbeautifularts.com/paintingsdrawings/


Ying Ying Lu ‘s Art Studio
Ying Ying Lu and her students enjoy working; learning and inspring each other. Their passion & labor of love truly create heart-warming artistry, and inspire each other by growing forward together as one family.

For information on art lessons please visit : www.ourbeautifularts.com/artlesson/


Ying Ying Lu :”  Welcome to my website  and  thank  you for  visiting  ! “


Ying Ying Lu welcomes you to her inspirational website, and thanks you kindly for taking time out of your day to visit! To view her newest artwork please visit:  www.ourbeautifularts.com/news/


    "My aim is not to exhibit craft, but rather to submerge it, and make it rightfully the handmaiden of beauty, power and emotional content."       -Andrew Wyeth




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